What people have said  about safety 

“I feared for the safety of myself, my husband and my kids. When he [the son] was going out, I was worried about him… I feared lot of sort of different things you know that could happen.


Grassroots Interceptors

Because we know how important is for people to  feel SAFE within there own community, we pledge to the people of those communities, we aim to honour that trust invested by people regarding community safety.

Protecting the Public

  • Booted offers flexible solutions that connect Communities

  • We promote an environment of trust in which our community are empowered with the ability to make change

  • We support adaptability for our community focusing on health and well being

  • Our team of professional well equipped staff and partners will manage the concerns of the victims and all the way to the top

When they feel safe, we all do

Justice Secretary said:

Delivering a stronger probation system, which commands the confidence of the courts and better protects the public, is a pillar of our reforms to focus on rehabilitation and cut re offending.


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Michael Groce - Operations Manager - Booted and Rooted

We strive to build productive relationships and make a positive impact with all of our pursuits.

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Grassroots Interceptors


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